quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

In loneliness

There was a birth, then a void
Screaming and blood at the soul canvas
Then there was loneliness
In this place were born
In loneliness
Like a shadow that crawls back
Like a hurricane without force
In loneliness
Like a lost leave carried away into the dirty
Like a hollow grave left unmade
Like a unaware corpse
Like the balls bouncing into labia
In loneliness
This place were concrete speaks
A prison in panopticon places
The freedom felt already taken
For the ones who sells loneliness
Same that we have lived through years
This place where people just passes
Pawning smiles for less than a dime
Where whiskey is a friend in need
And we simply don’t give a fuck for
In loneliness
Die in loneliness
Live in loneliness
With lovers that hate us
With debts so deep that bondage us
With no warm in any kind of soul that were sold to us
On shit paperviews channels
With shit shows with no soul
We all live in this hell
Post modern technological apathy
Lost humans raised in meritocracy
Elevated to be one of a kind
A fucked kind of human being
In loneliness
That cuts our heart with no sign
Stay within for decades and decades and decades
Pushed in our throats every day
In advertisings with the promisse of perfection
The framed future with no one
Only the body that once was cover in blood
On the birth
No one else
Our perfect live, robotic life
Instagramed life
Dying every single time
In loneliness

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