quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

A Closed Cage

a closed cage
hopping the exit exists
one day cage opens
body walks around the outside
waiting to exhale
walks alone
a bliss
but in shades
a cage waiting to inhale
but there's something wrong
noises violence racists guns
dead flowers expectations hate
there's noise everywhere
there's fire anywhere
the body finally sees
was a bigger cage
where it walks now
step outside
now there's nothing new
only iron, blood and skin
and the deception of the bigger cage
waiting for the fear
walking inside
body now waits
for the soul's death
in a bigger cage
walks back to the small cage
the small world
the small breath
the small fear
and will waits for eternity to get out again
waiting for the fear turns in something else.

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